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Your contingent workforce and managed service provider (MSP) are key factors in your company’s success. So, how can you strengthen your partnership with your MSP? Here are a few ways to ensure you have a positive working relationship and are getting the most out of the process moving forward.


When it comes to talent, you need to be sure you can get the right people, in the right seats, at the right time. That encompasses a lot of moving parts. Building a partnership with your MSP will be key in getting the best talent when you need it.

Create goals you and your MSP can work towards together, and take time to develop the talent pipeline and forecast all of your needs. Then, when you are looking for top talent, your MSP can work with you to expedite the process.


You also need to set goals with your management team that can be met, or helped along by your MSP. What do they need to complete their work, efficiently and effectively? Are there staffing concerns? Do they have problems that can be solved by adding new talent to their roster? Whatever the case, you can create a plan your MSP can execute.

It’s also important you focus on the satisfaction of your contingent workforce. Without buy-in from contractors along with your full-time staff, you may not get the level of performance you need to succeed. Measuring your employee engagement will help you better manage the entire team.


Of course, part of the reason you’re partnering with an MSP is to manage the costs associated with employee hiring and management. It’s ok to focus some of your goals on the overall cost to ensure you’re meeting your budget and financial goals.

You can partner with your MSP to reduce your general labor budget. You can do this by incorporating a contingent workforce into your established team. You should also understand the project efficiency and how their work keeps you on track.

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