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Is recruitment process outsourcing right for your business? You may be thinking you don’t need to work with an outside company to handle your recruiting and onboarding, but maybe you haven’t considered all the potential benefits. There’s a lot more at stake than just your commitment to your business. Here are five things an RPO can do for you.

Establish a Strategic Partnership

A partnership with an RPO offers you the ability to focus on the other aspects of your business rather than spend time on HR functions. Performance goals, collaboration and a recruiting plan can all be created and executed with your RPO partners.

Promote Your Employee Value Proposition

Your employees will also have direct access to the RPO to help them as they work with you. Your RPO becomes an extension of your company executing all HR functions, including employee relations and payroll processes. The RPO will also enhance candidate fit and reduce turnover with your organization.

Create Engagement Strategies

An RPO partner is able to focus entirely on the recruiting process, tapping into networks that may be out of reach or too much additional work for you and your leadership team. They can reach out to a variety of markets to tap into local talent for your open positions, including creative recruiting strategies designed to target the best candidates.

Have Better Candidate Experience

During the recruiting process, you can also feel comfortable that potential candidates have a positive experience with your company and with your RPO representative. An RPO will collect metrics to demonstrate how the experience is for anyone coming through the pipeline and will adjust as necessary to ensure positive engagement.

Provide Hiring Manager Training

Of course, your company will be hands-on when it counts. The final decision will always be made after your hiring manager is able to review the final candidates for the open position. An RPO can provide hiring manager training so your team will be able to make the best decision on new hires by using tried and true processes.

Is an RPO right for your business?

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