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You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about collaboration in the workplace. Many new employees now entering the job market prefer a collaborative environment over a competitive one. What if you took that philosophy and applied it to your business process? By teaming up with a Vendor on Premises or VOP your company can reap the benefits of a collaborative and valuable partnership. What aspects of your business can benefit most from working with a VOP? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Recruiting and hiring.

    Your VOP acts as your internal recruiting and HR department ensuring all aspects of the process are compliant with your own company policies and legal guidelines. They are responsible for sourcing, screening and recruiting new employees. They will also handle all new-hire paperwork and other administrative tasks that often bog down internal employees.

  2. Training and orientation.

    These new employees need to have thorough onboarding as well as training and orientation. Depending on your business, training may involve specific tasks or may encompass safety and other regulations. This can be handled by your VOP without needing to have a dedicated employee for this process.

  3. Employee relations.

    This staffing partner is also the person who would interact with the employees. They can be a liaison between your company representatives and the temporary staff they are working with on a daily basis. This can keep your staff engaged and satisfied so your projects stay on track.

  4. Problem-solving.

    In the event of a problem such as behavioral issues or employee non-compliance, your VOP representative will be the go-to contact for problem-solving. They can report all information to you, but also handle it in a way that you don’t need to involve yourself and take away from your duties. They are working for you to help solve any employment problem that does arise.

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