Procurement Professionals, Looking to Offload Some Admin Tasks?

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You are expected to handle a lot of tasks as a procurement professional. Among these things may be a myriad of administrative functions that, while necessary, only serve to pull your attention away from procurement. But there’s no way to avoid these duties on the job, right? When you work with a managed service provider, they can help you with a… Read more »

What A Possible Recession Means for the Contingent Labor Market

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The prediction of another recession is in the air. Since the last time, starting in 2007 with effects lasting to 2010 and later, the gig economy began to flourish. While many workers struggled without employment, some embraced contingent work to help them get by as the financial picture recovered. But some people didn’t leave the… Read more »

Traits of a Top Procurement Officer: Negotiation Skills

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Your procurement department staff has a very important job. They are responsible for selecting the vendors your company uses, determining terms of payment, vetting partners, purchasing, and the negotiation of contracts. All of this means that your top procurement officer should have one specific skill: negotiation. So how do procurement professionals get these skills and… Read more »

How a VMS Can Help You Find More Qualified Hires

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A VMS, or Vendor Management System, is designed to help your company find and hire qualified employees on both a permanent and temporary basis. While it’s a method of managing hiring, how can it help you find the most qualified candidates for your open positions? A VMS can speed up the process, allowing you to… Read more »

How Do You Measure Your Quality of Hire?

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No two people are alike. That also means no two hires will be the same. Even if you establish parameters to help you with consistent hiring practices, you can never predict human nature. How do you measure the quality of your hire? How do you know if they are meeting expectations or will perform well… Read more »

How to Promote Successful Goal Alignment

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Organizational, personal and professional goals are important at every step of the way. Encouraging everyone in your company to set goals and, more importantly, align them with the company mission is an important aspect of success. To better promote goal setting and alignment to your team, here are some tips to get you started.  … Read more »

What Challenges Are Staffing Executives Facing Today?

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The staffing industry has had a long history in the American employment landscape. In times of recession, it’s one of the first industries to feel the pinch. As the economic landscape begins to improve, staffing finds itself on the leading edge of recovery, but there are always challenges in every industry. So, what challenges are… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know an RPO Could Do for Your Business

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Is recruitment process outsourcing right for your business? You may be thinking you don’t need to work with an outside company to handle your recruiting and onboarding, but maybe you haven’t considered all the potential benefits. There’s a lot more at stake than just your commitment to your business. Here are five things an RPO… Read more »

3 Areas Where Your Staff Could Be Underperforming

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Have you noticed anyone on your team beginning to fall behind in terms of productivity? Most of the time, motivated people don’t turn into slackers overnight. In fact, there may be ways your team is already underperforming and you don’t even recognize it. If your team could be doing more, there are ways you can… Read more »

How Much Are Inexperienced Workers Costing Your Business?

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There are several things to consider when hiring a new employee. You must know your own needs, find the best candidates, and make an offer that appeals to them. Then they start the position, and that’s when you really get to see their performance. What if they aren’t living up to your expectations. Companies often… Read more »