Why Does Hiring a VOP Benefit Your Company?

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A Vendor on Premise, or VOP, is a staffing partner works on-site for your business to ensure your staffing and management needs are met. The representative will handle all aspects of managing a contingent workforce so your management team and human resources department can focus on in-house operations. But why should you consider a VOP?… Read more »

What Challenges Are Staffing Executives Facing Today?

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The staffing industry has had a long history in the American employment landscape. In times of recession, it’s one of the first industries to feel the pinch. As the economic landscape begins to improve, staffing finds itself on the leading edge of recovery, but there are always challenges in every industry. So, what challenges are… Read more »

Five Actions to Build Great Relationships in Your Workforce

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Engaging your employees is the number one task of management. Some might think it’s productivity or customer service, but neither of those will be effective or efficient if employees are not satisfied with their job and the company they work with. How can you be sure to develop great professional relationships in your workplace between… Read more »

7 Tips For Finding the Best New Hire For Your Business

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When you’re ready to make a hiring decision, how do you determine which candidate is right for your company? The process should start long before you have people on the other side of your desk vying for the open position. Starting your recruiting process strong will lead to better choices and hiring top talent. Here… Read more »

Is Your Business Using Contingent Labor to its Advantage?

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Have you taken another look at your workforce needs for 2018? Do you have projects in the coming months that could benefit from additional talent? You may be worried about adding new employees to your company, but you don’t have to have that fear of commitment. Using contingent labor can help your company succeed, if… Read more »

Top 5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation

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Your current roster of employees is an essential component of your success as a business. But what happens when a new project comes in that requires more “people power” than your staff can handle? Rather than running your otherwise satisfied employees into the ground, consider staff augmentation. Additional professionals can help take the burden off… Read more »

71% of HR Professionals Say Employee Referrals Make the Best Hires

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Staffing Industry Analysts uncovered an interesting discrepancy between what employers say their top candidate sourcing tool is versus what active job seekers actually do. In a recent survey by a joint venture between a job board and a research firm, 71% of HR professionals said that their most successful new hires were found through employee… Read more »

Make Note of THESE Staffing Trends in 2016

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2016 has already ushered in great changes in the staffing industry. How can staffing agencies keep up with the current reflections in the market and pass those benefits on to their client and employee bases? Working with a service can help any business improve their hiring processes for this year. Agencies have dedicated skills that… Read more »

How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

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Among the most common questions in job interviews is the dreaded, “Why did you leave your last job.” This can be complicated because the reasons for leaving are varied and often negative. However, the way you answer could mean the difference between a job offer and no calls back. There are better ways to approach… Read more »