Why Does Hiring a VOP Benefit Your Company?

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A Vendor on Premise, or VOP, is a staffing partner works on-site for your business to ensure your staffing and management needs are met. The representative will handle all aspects of managing a contingent workforce so your management team and human resources department can focus on in-house operations. But why should you consider a VOP?… Read more »

Have You Asked Your Managed Service Provider THIS Important Question?

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Last year, we shared the top 5 questions you should be asking your Managed Service Provider. However, we really only scratched the surface of what you should know when choosing an MSP to help your business thrive. There is one more important question that needs to be discussed. Have you asked it yet? While knowing… Read more »

MSP and VMS Trends for The New Year

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Over the past years, we’ve seen the gig economy strengthen. That means more people are freelancing or working contract rather than directly with employers. For companies that participate in the gig economy, there are additional considerations such as employee management and back office organization. Many organizations are turning toward a partnership with managed service providers… Read more »

How Can an MSP Company Help You Plan Ahead and Budget for 2019

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After ringing in the new year, and maybe even nursing a headache the next day, it’s time to get down to business. Early in the calendar year, that means budgets. Can working with a managed service provider actually help you plan and budget for 2019? Before you make any other plans, consider just how partnering… Read more »

Be More Proactive in Communication with Your MSP…Here’s How!

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Your managed service provider is designed to take challenges off your plate, so you can focus on running your business. But as an effective partner, its imperative you’re able to communicate with your MSP whenever you have concerns or questions. In fact, waiting until you have concerns to discuss them may already be too late…. Read more »

Improve Your Bottom Line by Switching to a Managed Service Provider

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You know qualified employees can be an expensive investment. From the sourcing process through to hiring and training, as well as retention, your spending is significant. But cutting corners won’t help ensure your business will have the talent it needs to be productive and successful. What if it was possible to improve your bottom line… Read more »

How an MSP Works For Your Business

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Most people are familiar with the term Managed Service Provider in terms of IT. Within the staffing industry, you can swap out the information technology aspect and replace it with human resources solutions and you’ll find the overall benefits remain the same. Rather than hiring an in-house team to handle these aspects, you receive the… Read more »