Why Does Hiring a VOP Benefit Your Company?

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A Vendor on Premise, or VOP, is a staffing partner works on-site for your business to ensure your staffing and management needs are met. The representative will handle all aspects of managing a contingent workforce so your management team and human resources department can focus on in-house operations. But why should you consider a VOP?… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know an RPO Could Do for Your Business

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Is recruitment process outsourcing right for your business? You may be thinking you don’t need to work with an outside company to handle your recruiting and onboarding, but maybe you haven’t considered all the potential benefits. There’s a lot more at stake than just your commitment to your business. Here are five things an RPO… Read more »

3 Areas Where Your Staff Could Be Underperforming

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Have you noticed anyone on your team beginning to fall behind in terms of productivity? Most of the time, motivated people don’t turn into slackers overnight. In fact, there may be ways your team is already underperforming and you don’t even recognize it. If your team could be doing more, there are ways you can… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Should Provide Ongoing Training For Current Applicants

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Candidates are the bread and butter of the staffing industry. You’re tasked with each new position to find the right blend of skills and personality to present to very different clients. And each time, you may feel like your recruiters are starting the process over again. But what if you could keep current candidates happy… Read more »

3 Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Applications

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Unlike any other industry, staffing agencies receive significantly more applications each day. This is simply the nature of the business. But, with all those applications coming in regularly, how can you be sure recruiters aren’t missing qualified applicants? It can be easy to glance over incoming applications at a glance, but it is important for… Read more »

Think Out of The Box On Job Postings to Attract Better People

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Hiring right the first time is the cornerstone for success. Companies that need to spend more time on rehiring after a candidate didn’t work out will lose productivity and time throughout the process. So it is imperative that managers consider all of the ways to attract better quality people to their door. Many experts suggest… Read more »

How to Attract Millennials to The Job Market

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Millennials are poised to become the largest population in the U.S. workforce in the coming years. Much of this is a natural transition but another reason is the size of this 20-something generation. With that in mind, companies who create cultures that appeals specifically to millennials will be ahead of the game when it comes… Read more »

Veterans Bring More Than Just Hard Work to Business

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Are veterans the largest, untapped resource in the U.S. employment climate? It may seem simple, but implementing veteran hiring processes that help match qualified individuals to open jobs for your clients may be one of the most innovated and overlooked options for recruiting. Companies have been lamenting the skills gap for some time, but there… Read more »

Employee Experience Is Essential to Bringing In New Talent

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A big issue for many client companies today is communicating why new employees should want to work for them rather than a competitor. Managers and business owners focus on the company culture and the benefits structure, but few are looking at the biggest resource they have. The employee experience at your office is essential for… Read more »