Finding It Time Consuming to Have so Many Vendor Touch Points?

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Human Resources is a consuming job with a lot of areas to consider. And when you’re working with a contingent workforce, you may find that a lot of your time is spent handling daily tasks regarding short- and long-term employees. One of the most time-consuming parts happens when you have several vendor touchpoints that require you to… Read more »

Traits of a Top Procurement Officer: Relationship Building

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Over the last two months, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the critical traits that procurement professionals bring to their careers. First, we looked at negotiation skills and then dove into persistence. But there are many soft skills that good procurement officers should possess. Another essential tool is relationship building. For instance, when you work with a… Read more »

How Should Your Company Be Reacting to the Increasing Legalization of Marijuana?

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Canada may have set the bar in North America for legalizing cannabis. And many individual U.S. states have passed laws making medical and recreational marijuana legal for their residents, though it’s still federally illegal. But with these new regulations, how do employers keep up? How should your company be reacting to the legalization of marijuana policy based… Read more »

Traits of a Top Procurement Officer: Persistence

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Last month, we shared details about the need for your procurement officials to hone their negotiation skills to achieve success. But that isn’t the only important trait for qualified professionals in the procurement field. This month, we’ll discuss another: persistence. Rarely are first offers what your company wants, so you have to be persistent to… Read more »

How Do Procurement Departments Partner With An MSP?

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Your procurement department may wear many hats. Sourcing services, including a contingent workforce, is just one function. How can a procurement department partner with a managed service provider to help them maintain quality, get the services they need, and reach the company-wide goals? Can an MSP, along with a vendor management system, benefit you and your department? Let’s take a closer… Read more »

5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation

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You’ve heard of the skills gap and may have even been affected by the talent shortage. If you’re an employer, you understand that hiring qualified candidates can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. And even after you go through the process with a candidate who seems perfect, some fairy tales don’t come true, and the… Read more »

How Do You Implement Workforce Diversity?

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The modern workforce needs a modern mindset. And today, for most companies, this should include a focus on diversity. Diversity hiring initiatives mean individuals are equally represented and have decision- making abilities within your corporation. While there are the obvious diversity goals, there are others that will also impact your success, such as hiring for… Read more »

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Candidate Screening Process

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Screening candidates to ensure you’re only bringing in the best for the interview and selection process is an essential step. But how do you know your candidates are going to meet your expectations. There are a variety of things you can do to improve your screening process. Before you set up your next round of… Read more »

The Five Key Benefits of Integrating With a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

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  Interested in Working With An MSP? Anserteam Workforce Solutions represents North America’s very best staffing agencies aligned together to deliver world-class workforce management solutions. We offer end-to-end talent services that can be customized for any size business, utilizing our Managed Services Provider (MSP) model and Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) technology. Is your organization seeking… Read more »