What VMS Trends Can You Expect to See This Summer?

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Vendor management systems are often the organizational backbone of any company. If you want to ensure your VMS is meeting the most up-to-date standards and industry trends, it’s important to watch the market and see how others are implementing these processes. What VMS trends can you expect to see this summer? Here are just a… Read more »

Are You Setting up Your Contingent Workers for Success?

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What do you need to do to ensure your contingent workforce is set up for success? The first 90 days of a project are critical to ensure the success of your contract employees’ tenure with your organization.  Are you prepared for contingent employees to start? Your onboarding processes for these key employees needs to be… Read more »

How Better Benefits Can Make Your Staff Stronger

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For every generation you have working in your office, and there are four generations in the current workforce, you need to reevaluate what benefits mean to them. Your older employees will have much different priorities from your youngest team members. And while salary is a great start, there is a lot more to engaging your… Read more »

What Are Your Business’s Needs For 2019?

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Each new year presents a new series of challenges and successes for any business. In 2019, there will be business trends we haven’t even conceived of just months before. But there are several things driving industry, and if you haven’t considered them for the coming year, now is a good time to start. What are… Read more »

How an MSP Works For Your Business

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Most people are familiar with the term Managed Service Provider in terms of IT. Within the staffing industry, you can swap out the information technology aspect and replace it with human resources solutions and you’ll find the overall benefits remain the same. Rather than hiring an in-house team to handle these aspects, you receive the… Read more »