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  • Impactful Ways to Explain VMS to Potential Clients - Major changes in the workforce are impacting business in ways that may not have been perceived even just a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the contingent workforce. There are ways to organize this new paradigm. A vendor management system (VMS)  is one amazing solution that can benefit many companies.... Read more »
  • Four Mistakes To Avoid When Negotiating a Vendor Management Contract - Every Vendor Management system comes complete with its own set of challenges. Throughout any selection process, you’ll need to make sure you’re always on the top of your game throughout the negotiations. VMS organizations are well versed in their negotiation skills, so it’s important to know what mistakes to avoid to prevent long-term headaches after... Read more »
  • Five Actions to Build Great Relationships in Your Workforce - Engaging your employees is the number one task of management. Some might think it’s productivity or customer service, but neither of those will be effective or efficient if employees are not satisfied with their job and the company they work with. How can you be sure to develop great professional relationships in your workplace between... Read more »

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  • The Quick Checklist For Vendor Management Selection Success - Selecting vendors can be an arduous process. You need to ensure that every business partner you bring in supports your current vision and corporate values. So, how can you create a process that will help you select the right vendor management solutions to keep everything organized and efficient? Here is a quick checklist that can... Read more »
  • Selling the Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Recruitment Process Outsourcing is about so much more than hiring new talent. Without an internal human resources team, most companies struggle to ensure all their processes are kept up to date, but this is unnecessary when a resource like RPO exists in the community. Recruitment process outsourcing gives companies big and small the same access... Read more »
  • Improve Your Team’s Vendor Management Communication With Mobile Apps - Working with vendor management is intended to make your job easier. You can focus on your own business while the organization and back office work are handled efficiently and effectively. This can open up an entire world of a contingent workforce. But is there a more efficient way to make it all work together? You... Read more »