A Look at the Current Gender Gap in Tech

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When you start to look into it, the gender gap is technology is pretty expansive. It is no wonder when you look at some of the ways early computers and even video games were marketed as toys for boys only. But this goes way beyond childhood. Because of the biases in place before individuals even… Read more »

Common Traits Found in the Most Successful Leaders

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What makes a leader? As it turns out, management and leadership are not always the same thing. There are skills you can learn and there are skills that you’re born with. So how can you know if you’re made for a leadership role? There have been countless studies into the traits of successful leaders and… Read more »

87% of Companies Expected to Hire This Year

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An incredibly high number of employers are expected to making new hiring decisions sometime in 2016, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. This is fantastic news for the U.S. economy as well as for the job seekers who hope to be among those hired in the New Year. That 87% figure represents a lot of things… Read more »

Employers Plan to Hire More College Grads in 2016

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There has been a lot of negative press lately about the futures of recent college grads. Many are concerned that their degrees won’t get them the professional roles they want once they’re out of college. Others are drowning in debt that only accumulates over time. But there is a good new on the horizon for… Read more »

IT/Healthcare Worker Confidence Hits Record High

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It is interesting to track the career paths of a variety of industries to see which employees are the most confident. Confidence, in this regard, refers to the employees’ overall perception of the job market, career satisfaction, and economic growth. When an employee is confident in not only their skills but the market for their… Read more »

2015 Grads Begin to See a Spike in Average Salary

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College graduates have been hearing a lot of bad press about the job market lately, but is it really all doom and gloom? Millennials don’t actually have to worry as much about their career prospects as they’ve been lead to believe. There will still be challenges, of course, but the overall outlook may be better… Read more »

Is Being Overqualified the Reason You Can’t Find a Job?

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What happens when a hiring managers tells you that you’re overqualified for the job? The words can be devastating so how can you overcome their objections in a positive way? The company may not be considering all of the benefits of hiring a candidate who already possesses the right skills and experience. Your role as… Read more »

How to Answer These Standard Phone Interview Questions

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A phone interview is designed as a tool to help recruiters and hiring manager’s pre-screen potential applications before they decide who makes the final cut for face-to-face interviews. It is truly a function of necessity. When hundreds of applicants submit resumes for a single job the reviewer needs to find reasons to rule people out…. Read more »