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Organizational, personal and professional goals are important at every step of the way. Encouraging everyone in your company to set goals and, more importantly, align them with the company mission is an important aspect of success. To better promote goal setting and alignment to your team, here are some tips to get you started.


Align Individual and Company Goals

You want your team to have buy-in with your long-term company goals. To do this, encourage them to align their goals with yours. The idea is to help develop your team to allow them to reach the company goals. That means their job focus and personal goals should be in alignment.

Collaborate With the Team

To align the goals, don’t just assign things to your team. Work with them to figure out how their skills and interests can help you achieve the long-term goals you’ve laid out for the remainder of the year. This kind of collaboration will help your team have ownership over any portion of the work they’re doing.

Establish Attainable but Challenging Goals

Goals should be challenging enough that they can’t be met with extreme ease, but they should not be impossible. You need to ensure that whatever you’ve asked your team to do, they can accomplish it with hard work and dedication.

Improve Employee Engagement

At all times, you need to make sure your team feels engaged and energized by what they’re doing on the job. Avoiding burnout will be key to ensuring long-term goals are met for your organization. To do that, create a culture of gratitude.

Recognize Achievement

Beyond simple gratitude toward your employees, make sure you’re recognizing them when they have reached a milestone. This should be accomplished in a public way to demonstrate that you appreciate and are excited by their contribution to the success of the company.

Transparency and Accountability

Throughout the process, you need to remain transparent and accountable. If you are wrong or make a mistake, don’t pass the buck. Own up to it. I will show your team you are acting in good faith and also believe the entire process can only be achieved if each of you pull their own weight. Be open with the results of the work you’ve done as a group and how you’re meeting the goals.


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