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Vendor management systems are often the organizational backbone of any company. If you want to ensure your VMS is meeting the most up-to-date standards and industry trends, it’s important to watch the market and see how others are implementing these processes. What VMS trends can you expect to see this summer? Here are just a few.

Talent Pool

Partnering with a vendor who provides talent acquisition can help you find employees when you need them most. Many companies wait to source talent until they have an immediate need, but an applicant tracking system and vendor partner can work with you to build a talent pool to tap into whenever necessary.

Today’s talent pool needs to be open to digital advancement and willing to look toward the future of the industry.

Machine Learning

One such advancement is machine learning, which will directly affect VMS services. Machine learning allows technology to become smarter and begin to anticipate needs. For example, if you are running low on a particular material, your VMS will be able to initiate the reorder process without human intervention.

You can be assured you’ll not remove the human touch from your organization. Machine learning also needs strong data management talent to ensure things are running smoothly and efficiently.

Digital Space

There was a time when your vendor management system was its own entity. A computer requiring dedicated servers to run and maintain your safe and secure data, but that era is long gone. Since the advent of the cloud, company VMS solutions are no longer unwieldy and can be maintained virtually.

The main concern for many companies was the security of this data if it wasn’t stored in dedicated servers. But advancements in data security have made the cloud a much more robust and viable solution.


Within the employment space, the primary trends joining VMS are recruitment process outsourcing and managed service providers. Both of these, when partnered with VMS, can allow companies to grow a contingent workforce and allow human resources to plan for success.

RPOs and MSPs are ways to tap into the dedicated knowledge of human resources professionals without the cost of an in-house department. They can handle all HR functions for your business, including hiring and onboarding.

Do you want to know more about how VMS can help you succeed?


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